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What is Myth?  Rather let us ask -- Where is Myth?

All ancestral cultures, cultures that lived in sustainable peace with the earth, found wisdom in the mysteries of Myth.

In these cultures, a living relationship was made to Myth through song, dance, story, painting, sculpture, theater, ritual and all forms of design.  In this symbolic activity, people could come to relate to the archetypal realm as something woven into our daily lives down to the very fabric of our perception.  Mythology teaches us a way back to a dynamic relationship with the archetypal forces at the ground of our being.

Since 2009, Myth & Movement Arts has been crafting radically innovative educational, artistic and celebratory events that lead participants into a living experience of the timeless wisdom of Myth.   Myth's perspective is integrative and asks for our complete engagement.  In this light, our programs allow for Myth to be acted, danced, sung, tasted, seen, touched, cried, laughed and loved in full-bodied ways.  Come find your Mythic ground. 

Photo by Elizabeth Sciore-Jones

Myth & Movement Arts Director, Laura Melling's work centers upon creating new approaches to art, education and nature connection grounded in embodied, mythopoetic wisdom. This has evolved through many areas of study:  

Laura was a nationally-ranked athlete in her youth, and in this process received early training in mind-body-spirit integration. She became fascinated with the role of inspiration and symbolism in heightening our intellectual and physical capacities.  Laura focused her undergraduate studies on Jungian, philosophical and religious views of the role of symbolic experience in human development.  .

Beginning as a doctoral fellow in Anthropology of Education at NYU at the age of 20, Laura compared the educational practices of American public schools to other cultures in time and place.  She considered how various cultures defined the role of embodied, earth-connected and symbolic learning within a child's development. She compared this to how Western academic theories -- in all fields - have comprehended these types of learning. Finding the Western perspective very shallow, Laura became convinced that the prevailing paradigms of academic thinking are out of sync with our evolutionary needs.  Anthropological evidence is clear and must be taken seriously:  Human nature, our body and brain, has evolved over time to expect embodied engagement with the earth, and immersion in symbolic culture, at specific times, in order to arrive to maturity.  

Laura left her academic fellowship and for the next several years trained and performed with the dance company of the Isadora Duncan International Institute.  IDII programs follow Isadora's vision for a holistic integration of the self through the symbolic practice of dance.  The core program is a three year, experiential immersion in the humanities -- including myth, philosophy, art history, psychology, music and poetry-- grounded in the language of gesture. Still hungry for more, Laura stayed on for the advanced 'Myth, Movement and Metaphor' training - a multi-year initiation into the functional power of myth within culture and development of the Self.    

Laura has performed as a dancer in theaters, temples, and sacred sites in Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America.  She has led dance-based events in Ecuador, at the invitation of the local people for the past ten years. Her teacher in Duncan dance, internationally-acclaimed artist and scholar of archetypal image, Jeanne Bresciani, PhD, was the protege of Maria Theresa Duncan, Isadora's daughter --making Laura a fourth-generation lineage holder in direct connection to Isadora.  

Laura carries a post-graduate degree in Isadora Duncan Studies, a Masters in Anthropology of Education from New York University, a Bachelors in her self-designed program 'Culture, Psychology and Human Development' from Rutgers Honors College, and post-graduate training in Mythology.  She was privately mentored for ten years by seminal American author and philosopher Bruce Wilshire.  Laura is a trained and experienced Waldorf teacher and selected teacher trainer in Waldorf early childhood.  She has more than ten years experience in Bioenergetics, the somatic psycho-therapeutic work of Alexander Lowen.  She is deeply immersed in the study of Myth through a Jungian and Archetypal approach.  Additionally, Laura is a student of RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt, world expert on the indigenous cultural heritage of Europe.   

Laura has held teaching and directing positions at National University of Ireland, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Queens Botanical Garden, Galway Dance Centre, The Meadow Studio New York, Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Boulder Waldorf School among others.  Ms. Melling's work has received support from the National Arts Council of Ireland, Boulder Arts Council, Boulder County Arts Alliance, New York University, the Isadora Duncan International Institute, Rutgers University, the state of New Jersey, Galway North Beach Poetry, Vicky and Robert Sloat, and a generous anonymous patron.  

Musician, teacher and creative collaborator Margot Krimmel, is an award-winning, nationally-renowned harpist who has been composing, arranging, recording, performing and teaching for over twenty years. In that time, her creative style has been featured on over twenty recordings.  She is a carrier of hundreds of ancient songs, learned in the traditional way by ear alone.  To learn more about Margot, join her newsletter, and view her performance schedule visit her website:

Teacher/Inspiratrix Forest Rogers is a world-renowned sculptor and illustrator whose work is inspired by mythological themes, expressed within a figurative mode.  An international sensation in the world of fantasy art, Forest inspires students and professionals alike with her rare blend of imaginative daring and technical mastery. To learn more about her work, visit