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Psychic Guidance from the world of Myth

Oracle by Kelly McMorris

An archetypal psychology approach to identifying and honoring the dreams and stories guiding your daily life and soul.  

Reasons to visit Mercury's Oracle:

Deepen your personal connection to psychic capacities for divining connections to archetypal presence. 

Speak with intimacy and immediacy to the unconscious. 

Intuit and sense, feel and think into the depths of your unfolding. 

Address soul with beauty & grandeur. 

In this one-on-one work, you will learn to speak with your Soul in it's native language: Myth & Image.  Working within a psychic vessel of metaphoric flow, you will open access points to dialogue through active imagination, poetic reverie, vast dreaming.  

Content of the Oracle forms around issues presented, remaining always within the metaphoric and mythic zone of communication, presenting your intention to work intimately with the material of your psyche on its own terms.  Fairy tales, mythic figures, potent images, visions for amplifying research, rituals, writing or other modes of expression may unfold.  

We will listen to the welling voice murmuring from below and follow its sacred channel.


$65-100/2 hour session.  Sliding scale.

Meetings can be held over the phone or in person.  Schedule by emailing or calling (303) 918-6183.  During periods of intense transformation, weekly sessions may be needed.  For maintenance of inner health, one session per season is recommended.  One or two sessions are often sufficient to provide soul work for many months.