school of myth & movement arts

 Embodiment of Myth.   Expressive dance into Nature Connection.  Isadora Duncan studies.  Sustainability education.  Wilderness.  Art. Myth














Myth in the Mountains

Fairy Tale Forest and Guardian Mountain

Arts, Festivity & Nature for Ages 4-8 & 8-11


Arts, Nature Skills & Story for Ages 12 to 15

Guardian Mountain Forest 'School'

Weekly programs starting Fall 2017.  

Upcoming Events:

June 2018: Date TBA

Dancing with Stolen Fire:  The shadow side of the creative soul 

March 17, 2018: Persephone to Primavera: Embodying Regenerative Archetypes

Recent Events

Year-round & in Town 

Dance of Nature

Movement-based holistic integration. Sunday mornings for Age 4-7 and Age 7-11. 

Dance of Myth: Isadora Duncan technique

All levels, age 15 to Adult.  

Mercury's Oracle Dream Work

Guidance from your own soul