school of myth & movement arts

 Embodiment of Myth.   Expressive dance into Nature Connection.  Isadora Duncan studies.  Sustainability education.  Wilderness.  Art. Myth














Myth in the Mountains

Guardian Mountain Forest 'School'

Weekly programs for homeschoolers starting Fall 2017.  

Fairy Tale Forest and Guardian Mountain

Arts, Festivity & Nature for Ages 4-8 & 8-11


Arts, Nature Skills & Story for Ages 12 to 15

Upcoming Events:

June 2018: Date TBA

Dancing with Stolen Fire:  The shadow side of the creative soul 

March 17, 2018:

Persephone to Primavera: Embodying Regenerative Archetypes

Recent Events

Year-round & in Town 

Dance of Nature

Movement-based holistic integration. Sunday mornings starting again in the Fall, for Age 4-7 and Age 7-11. 

Myth Dancing

Expressive dance as an art of wise embodiment.   All levels, age 15 to Adult.  

Mercury's Oracle

Resolution of inner conflicts and questions through guidance from your own soul