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Santa Fe, NM.  Spring with your Heart
1:30 PM13:30

Santa Fe, NM. Spring with your Heart

In this equinox celebration, you will be introduced to the unique life philosophy of Isadora Duncan, rooted in European indigenous tradition, and the guidance it offers to seekers of authenticity and joy in body & soul.

Moving first in silence, we will renew our vital senses & earth connection. We will then explore archetypal images of Spring's returning solar fire. Empowered by the equinox balance of Earth & Sky, we will then discover anew a balanced sense of heart-centered expression.

Centering the body around the heart awakens both strength and receptivity, leading to a dance of soul.

You will come away revitalized and in touch with your imagination, sensation and inner Spring!

Led by Laura Melling, master teacher of the Duncan method. Director of the School of Myth & Movement & affiliate teacher of the Isadora Duncan International Institute.

No prior experience required. This movement style is gentle on the body and composed of flowing gesture moving from inward sensation to outward expression. You can engage at your own comfort level. We dance barefoot in comfortable clothes.

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Call (303) 918-6183 or email

Fee: $30

Student feedback:

“Laura is a dancing philosopher. She teaches us how to come back to life."  

"I found myself dancing with others who share the same need for beauty, nature, spirituality and self-expression."

"Laura teaches us a kind of beauty that is not for sale, that is part of our true, wild nature.”

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