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Responses to Myth & Movement's work with children

"Your program is like no other.  It is absolutely my favorite place to take my girls. The locations you have invited us to, the storytelling, movement, crafts, and magic you create is just sacred and treasured."

"My daughters are now 9. They have studied off and on in Laura's programs since they were 3 1/2 and the magic has only deepened. Laura's poetic presence of spirit, mind, heart, and body is a highly developed and skilled instrument which I trust will protect and ground my children. It is both sweet and soothing. And because of her depth of understanding and her playfulness, I know that she will see and connect with what is truest in my children."

"Laura is the only person I know working at this depth in the realms of archetype and movement, taking profound psychological insight and making it integrated in the body.  After dancing with Laura with my eight year old daughter, I noticed right away that it was healing our relationship. I am talking about deep unconscious things that kept coming up between us and causing conflict, and no matter how much parenting theory I read it did not change. Only when we started dancing together, it started to change. And very quickly."

"Thank you for creating wonder.  My daughter works with what you start in camp all year long..."

"THANK YOU for creating such beauty!  We hope to attend for many more years.  Being in nature in this form really has a soothing impact on my children, even for weeks following.  We just try to bask in the glow of what you helped them create and allow ourselves to draw upon those experiences when ever we need to...." 

Responses to Laura's work with adults

"Laura is a dancing philosopher and a most magical teacher...a Light down and through dark paths. Laura's teaching is so clear and simple...she teaches us how to grow, how to come back to life and keep going..."  

"The way Laura takes you into her dance world is irresistible.  I found myself dancing with others who share the same need for beauty, nature, spirituality and self-expression."

"...there is a residual feeling after your class that I have not felt that before - like a space inside was greeted, and is very joyful."

"the most magical and empowering dance class I have ever been to..."

"Laura teaches us a kind of beauty that is not for sale, that is part of our true, wild nature."

"After dancing modern dance professionally for many years I felt, in Laura's classes, that I was entering a new world of dancing - more spontaneous, more liberating, and more satisfying in many ways." 

"I float out of Laura's classes on a river of magic, no matter how ungrounded I felt when walking in." 

Responses to Performance & Festivals

"The greatest storytelling team I have ever heard...the stories and music fit seamlessly together."

"I ran into two others from last night's event in the Mythology section at the bookstore today.  We were all raving about it." 

"We had an incredible and uplifting time." 

"You have an extraordinary gift for carrying a crowd into the depths..." 

"My daughter and her friends were elated after hearing you. We have been talking about the event for weeks."

"Thank you. Being in your presence was a healing balm." 

"When our dancers have been observed by outside experts and agencies, Laura's work has been singled out as exceptional."  - Jeanne Bresciani, PhD, Isadora Duncan International Institute