school of myth & movement arts


 Embodiment of Myth.   Expressive dance into Nature Connection.  Isadora Duncan studies.  Sustainability education.  Wilderness.  Art. Myth














Spring with your Heart, Santa Fe, March 23, 2019

Dancing with Stolen Fire: Hermes, Raven & other Creative Thieves, June 2018, Boulder

From Primavera to Persephone, Embodying Regenerative Archetypes, March 2018, Boulder

Inner Union: The Alchemical Dance of Peace, March 25, 2017, Starhouse, Boulder

Rite of Spring: Celebrating the Spontaneous, March 25, 2017, Starhouse, Boulder

Journey into Darkness: A celebration of Winter, December 20, 2016, Starhouse, Boulder

Winter Wonderland Adventure for ages 5-9, December 19, 2016, Starhouse, Boulder

Quest for the Secret Door, ages 10-16, December 20, 2016, Starhouse, Boulder

Silver Arrows & Secret Springs: A Celebration of the Forest, November 20, 2016, Starhouse

The Nature of Mythology: An experiential journey through the Arts, November 12 2016, Starhouse

Earth-Honoring Arts: A journey toward creative discipline, Workshop for women age 13 and up
October 30, 2016

Antique Tales & Harp at the Publick House, October 2, 2016
Wolverine Letterpress & Publick House, Fort Collins, CO

Mythkeepers Overnight Adventures, for age 12-16
October 1, 2016, Starhouse

Three Antique Fairy Tales: An evening of story & harp
July 19, 2016
Wolverine Letterpress & Publick House
Fort Collins, CO

A Telling of ‘Brahma, Saraswati, and the Disciple of Destiny’
June 6, 2016
Friends Meeting House & Center for Mindful Learning
Burlington, VT

A Telling of 'The Firebird & Princess Vasilissa' 
April 8, 2016
Odd Fellows Hall, Boulder

Storytelling Series for women age 12 & up
April 1, April 15, May 6
Kelly's Barn, Boulder

Sisters of the Silver Arrow: Celebrating the Mythology of the Feminine
Workshop for young women Ages 11 to 16, January 14, 2016
Kelly's Barn, Boulder 

Touching the Grail: Celebrating the Mythology of the Masculine
Workshop for young men age 11 to 16, January 13, 2016
Kelly's Barn, Boulder

Of Union with Longing: Poetry, Music, Story
September 24, 2015
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, Boulder

Dance of the Earth Gnome: A Family Celebration of Autumn
September 13, 2015
Starhouse, Boulder

Peace of the Wild: Dance as a Path to Nature  
Workshop June 27, 2015
Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, Boulder

From a Million Hillsides: Poetry & Harp
October 16, 2014
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, Boulder




Painting by Kazak artist Assol Sas