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Oracle by Kelly McMorris

"...It was like a flashlight in the depths. It revealed so much more than many other more intensive methods."

"I am stunned at how deeply this touched me."

"Thank you. This led me to something really poignant and healing."

"Your way of speaking to my inner life was so gentle. It's helping me learn to speak that way to myself."



Mercury's Oracle with Laura Melling is a remarkably simple, yet radically effective way to cut through your habitual consciousness and arrive at a deeper level of self-understanding. 

Instead of engaging the rational mind, with its often fixated perspective, the Oracle dives to an altogether more fluid, more powerful mode of awareness where insight arises as revelation, as a flash in the dark. 

The Oracle works in ways that run contrary to the cultural training we received that told us that we have to keep pushing heavy rocks up a hill.  Instead of such struggle, Mercury suggests we yield to the destined movement of our soul and allow the pull of the inner tide.    

The unseen matrix of your being is much stronger and more creative than your rational mind.  Once you have a relationship to this imaginal foundation, you walk a path of greater depth.  This inward path is not by any means easy, but it is authentic, grounded and ultimately liberating.    

The Oracle is Laura's latest, most accessible tool for giving you access to the same path of creative integrity which has given rise to the School of Myth & Movement's many programs, performances and events over ten years and Laura's other creative output in many fields.  

Until you come to understand the archetypal patterns of your soul, until you knows what gods have already chosen you as a character in their stories, you cannot fluidly access the gifts of your unconscious nor integrate them into your daily life.  

You cannot access the soul directly, through strong intentions or force, but only by speaking in its native, indirect, elaborate, poetic language.  The Oracle shows you a way in. 

At the Oracle, you are led on a journey into your psyche where the tides of your own inward ocean of power become available to guide your life. 

Preparation:   Like all traditional Oracles, Mercury's Oracle answers questions and gives specific guidance.  You will need to bring to your meeting either a pressing problem or decision you wish to resolve and/or an engaging, recent dream you'd like to integrate.  Each visit to the Oracle is unique -- you are taken on an imaginal journey to where your soul rests with its waiting insight.  You must also bring to your meeting a poem of your own or any author that you will recite to Mercury. 


$50/75 minutes. Trade agreements can be arranged.    

This work is often very potent and you may not need more than one or a few sessions to resolve a long-standing inner-conflict.  However, for those seeking a deep initiation in the Self, the Oracle is currently arranged in twelve stages, which grow deeper with each return.

Meetings are held over the phone, and by special arrangement, in person, and all that is shared is kept in strict confidence.  Schedule by emailing 

This Oracle is devoted to Mercury Psychopompos, Guide of Souls.  Mercury works on us through indirection, fine speech, serendipity, surprise, loss, underworld initiations, dreams, visions, poetry, travel, tricks, jokes, injuries, and paradox.  He is the governor over all processes of alchemical transformation.   In 2005, while living on the wild west edge of Ireland, Laura wrote a book of poetry dedicated to the mercurial nature titled Quicksilver Calling: A treatise on subterranean alchemical process.  This strange little book earned her a warm welcome in Irish poetry circles as well as a grant from the Arts Council of Ireland.  Perhaps Mercury looked kindly on that creation, because ever since Laura has grown more familiar with his deep mirror pool. 

Copies of Quicksilver Calling are available for $10. 


an excerpt from Quicksilver Calling:


Everything is exceeding

its before and its after

echoing in the distances

in no direction


on winged feet

or winged head

I pass out

or in


Everything is making

for giving or taking

or being made

to be taken or given


as grass

or seafire

or a cough

or a clock


Everything is moving

or being moved

from iron to bronze

to silver to gold


in you, who knew?

dancing through, too

to let me in

is to let me go


Thank you for visiting. 

Hope to see you at the Oracle.