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The Reverie Jam

The Reverie jam is an improvisational experiment into the depths of regenerative imagination.  Each session begins with something from the philosophy of reverie of Gaston Bachelard, and lays out a series of images and poetic lines around a very broad theme.   An exercise in poetic speech follows, then an invitation to quiet movement.  After this, all are welcome to find their own way....moving, speaking, drawing, making music, watching....listening for inspiration from the group while settling inside your own daydream.  All the mediums of art weave together in the reverie, a powerful drug-free method of journeying into depths of  mythic imagination...Through the Reverie Jam we attempt to create a modern ritual of re-connection to our Sources in primal word, sound and image.   

 Themes in the past have included:  a sea cave;  childhood dreams;   a candle flame.... 

Please email to get updates on scheduling.  Sessions are $5.