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Myth in the Mountains

Guardian Mountain Forest 'School'

Weekly programs for homeschoolers starting Fall 2017.  

Fairy Tale Forest and Guardian Mountain

Summer Arts, Festivity & Wilderness for Ages 4-8 & 8-11


Summer Arts, Nature Skills & Story for Ages 12 to 15

Upcoming Events:

Sept 24: Myth & the Dreaming Body

June 19-20 Isadora Solstice

March 25th Alchemy Workshop

March 25th Festive Evening

Recent Events

Year-round & in Town 

Dance of Nature

Movement-based holistic integration. Sunday mornings starting again in the Fall, for Age 4-7 and Age 7-11. 

'The Monday Class'

Movement as mythic art.  All levels, age 12 to Adult.  Monday evenings starting again in the Fall. 

Mercury's Oracle

One-on-one psychic guidance from the world of Myth